Weight problems are common in dogs and cats, and can be successfully managed through changes in food or a nutrition program.  Combining a change in nutrition with increased excerise is the most effective way of achieving a healthy weight.

Weight Control

Available in canned and dried

Weight Control is an exceptionally palatable diet with reduced energy and fat content to help prevent weight gain.

Reduced energy and fat levels to help prevent weight gain

Formulated to produce moderately acidic urine to help manage struvite crystalluria and urolithiasis


Available in canned and dried

Fiber rich formula is useful as a nutritional aid for cats with fiber responsive diseases such as diabetes mellitus, colitis, diarrhea, constipation,

Help manage overweight cats, including those with struvite urolithiasis.
Helps cats burn fat while increasing lean muscle mass.


Available in canned and dried also available with chicken

Low calorie, high fiber nutritional therapy with the highest levels of L-carnitine to effectively reduce weight and increase lean muscle mass while helping cats feel full.

Added antioxidants Defend cells from free radical damage, promoting a healthy immune system


Available in canned and dried

High protein, low calorie, low fibre, low fat diet formulated to promote weight loss in overweight or obese cats.

Supplemented with arginine and L-carnitine to increase energy use and reduce fat production
Supplemental levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a luxurious coat


Available in canned and dried

Helps ensure cats maintain lean muscle mass during weight loss.

High carnitine increases energy metabolism to improve glucose utilization in diabetic cats
Helps obese cats burn fat during weight loss and decrease the accumulation of fat in liver cells.