Our Hospital

With compassion and commitment, our AAHA-accredited Cabbagetown Pet Clinic is dedicated to delivering comprehensive preventive health care services and the highest quality of veterinary medicine to the pets of our devoted, diverse and engaged clients.

The Cabbagetown Pet Clinic has been a fixture in the historic east Toronto Cabbagetown neighbourhood for 35 years. In August of 2008, Dr. Jennifer Day purchased the practice and has steadily built the practice into what it is today – a modern, efficient and compassionate animal hospital, serving pet lovers in one of Toronto’s most unique neighbourhoods.

Mission Statement

It is with compassion and commitment that we are dedicated in providing the best preventative health care and the highest quality veterinary medicine to the pets of or devoted and well-informed clients

The veterinarians are supported by a professional and compassionate group of Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT) and Client Service Representatives. Their patience and attentiveness – combined with a healthy dose of kindness – help ensure that your visit is always a pleasant one for you and your pet.

Our Vision

At the Cabbagetown Pet Clinic, our vision is to be a leader in veterinary medicine. By following our mission and core values, we expect to provide exemplary health and well being for the animals in our care as viewed in the eyes of our clients and their pets, our community and our employees.

As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Accredited member, our practice is extremely proud to reflect the high standards of excellence, business practice principles, and educational programs associated with this rigorous and prestigious certification. What this means for you and your pet is that resources and training for the Cabbagetown team are firmly in place to deliver the very best of veterinary medicine. It’s a statement that says we’ve “gone the extra mile” and are committed to being the best we can be.

We offer a wide range of pet care services from wellness and vaccination programs, dentistry, surgery, pain management and control to nutritional and behavioural consultations.

We would be delighted to answer any questions about our growing clinic and/or any of our veterinary services. Please feel free to call, email or even drop by and chat with any one of our dedicated Cabbagetown Pet Clinic team members.

We welcome feline and canine friends of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds !

Core Values

We place great value on honest, open dialogue to create lasting relationships, recognizing that we can best provide the care our patients need when there is mutual trust.

We recognize the importance of providing medical services that are currently the latest trends in veterinary medicine and will continue to improve our quality of care in order to best serve our patients and clients.

We believe that outstanding customer service is the cornerstone to a healthy business and strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients at every opportunity.

We work together as a positive team; knowing that exceptional patient care and exquisite customer service are best achieved by working together towards a common goal in a harmonious environment with a spirit of cooperation.

We take pride in and cherish our place in the community and are honoured to be considered a respected member of our clients’ and pets’ extended family.

We recognize the importance of pets in all our lives and make every effort to treat them with empathy, care and compassion.

Meet the Team

Professional, attentive and dedicated to your pet.

Veterinary Services

Helping your pet live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Location and Hours

Modern and efficient in a cozy, friendly environment.

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