Covid-19 is here.

Our day-to-day operations have changed dramatically. We're here to offer guidance on how the Cabbagetown Pet Clinic is approaching the delivery of safe veterinary medicine to our clients and their pets during this important time.

COVID-19: How we operate has changed.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, strong public measures are being enacted to reduce the spread of this disease. These have profound impacts on day-to-day activities and require a balance between providing veterinary care and being socially responsible from a COVID-19 standpoint. There are few clear answers and guidance may change. The information below is meant to be a guide to how the veterinarians and staff at Cabbagetown Pet Clinic are approaching the delivery of safe veterinary medicine to our clients and their pets during this important time.

The latest COVID-19 updates for the Cabbagetown Pet Clinic can be found here.

First and foremost, please consider the health of our veterinarians and hospital staff. We ask that you please advise us if there is any increased risk of COVID-19 transmission either with respect to yourself or among close family members. As community transmission of disease is now as much if not more prevalent than risk of disease post travel, we ask that everyone presumes that they could be a source of infection to our staff.

Recommendations may change based on changes in our understanding of this disease, changes in messaging from governments and regulators, and as this pandemic evolves. Please accept that the operational work flow at our hospital may change day by day and hour by hour.

Our doors are currently CLOSED. We will be communicating with you prior to your visit to instruct on how we will manage your appointment. We will be asking you to complete an Pre-Appointment Questionnaire prior to your arrival and you may be asked clarifying questions over the telephone by one of our RVT’s. We will meet you at the door and ask that you indicate your arrival through our window. The Veterinarian will examine your pet and will communicate by telephone the treatment plan with you and answer any questions that you may have. We are asking that you utilize payment over the phone by credit card if at all possible. We do not save any credit card information. Email transfer is another option for online payments.

Please allow for 2 metres (6 feet) between all individuals (other clients and staff) at all times. We ask that you keep close control of your pets (on leash at all times or in approved pet carriers) and also that they keep the same distance from other clients and their pets.

Essential vs Non-Essential Veterinary Services:
  • Annual Heath Examinations: Priority is also given for puppies and kittens vaccination/RABIES series examinations. Owners can easily access their pets current vaccine status by downloading the PetPage app for iPhone and Android. (scroll for more information)
  • Medical Examinations: We have allocated availability for veterinarians to assess, perform diagnostics and prescribe and dispense for client’s pets who have acute serious medical concerns, life threatening conditions, painful and chronic conditions and humane euthanasia.
  • Prescription Refills: This service will continue however we ask that you refill your prescription well in advance and prepare for 72 hour turnaround as there may be delays with our supply chain during this time. We request that you call our office to arrange for payment prior to coming in to pick up your medication and that you advise us when you are on your way so that we can have your medication readily available when you arrive to our door.
  • Prescription Diet Sales: This service will also continue however as above; we ask that you prepare for a 7-10 day turnaround time as there have been supply chain transportation delays. We request that you call our office to arrange for payment prior to coming in to pick up your food and that you advise us when you are on your way so that we can have your food readily available when you arrive to our door. Online food purchasing is available on our Webstore. 
  • Flea/Tick Prevention: As tick prevention is another important public (human) health consideration (tick borne disease transmission including Lyme disease), a maximum of 3 months of Simparica can be purchased by current clients. Revolution for flea only prevention is also available for purchase by current clients (max 6 months). Once we have a better understanding of supply chain availability of these products we will communicate to our clients. Please allow 72 hours for Simparica and Revolution availability and please treat as above (medication and food) with respect to purchase and dispensing.

The Cabbagetown Pet Clinic Webstore

Our Webstore offers you the convenience of shopping for your pet’s products whenever you have the time. For busy clients without a lot of time on their hands, it can be inconvenient to come into our clinic to buy therapeutic pet food, flea and tick medication, treats or even your pets favourite toy. It even allows you to automatically re-order, if you happen to forget.

Easy 24/7 access.

Products can be shipped directly to your home, cottage or office. You will receive a follow up email letting you know when your order has been shipped. Under normal circumstances, you can order online and arrange pick up at our clinic. This can still be done, but current Covid-19 protocols prevent us from allowing our clients into the clinic. Call us once you’ve arrived and we will place your order outside at the appropriate drop off point. Since your order is prepaid, no contact (debit terminal or cash) with our staff is necessary. Until further notice, this ensures that we comply will the current social distancing guidelines.

Registration is very easy to do. This can be completed online or call us and our staff members will be happy to register you over the phone. The only information we need from you is your e-mail address. Once you are registered, an email will be automatically sent to you, providing you with your unique password. You can change that password at any time.

We respect the privacy of all our clients. There are significant security protocols put in place so that your email address or any information about you or your pet will never be shared or sold.

Ordering through our Webstore is faster and safer for your pet.


All of the products, prescriptions and approvals are strictly controlled by our clinic. Your pets’ dietary needs are carefully monitored by our veterinary team through our Webstore. When you order from some other online pet stores, they are required by law to try and validate your order through your veterinarian, introducing time delays and potential errors.

The Cabbagetown Pet Clinic Webstore is just an extension of our office!


PetPage App for iPhone and Android

The PetPage app allows pet parents to manage your pet’s wellness easily and effectively from anywhere, using your smartphone.

Once downloaded and registered, pet owners can directly access their pets’ recent vaccination and prescription history, as well as receive appointment and medical reminders – just as they appear at the Cabbagetown Pet Clinic.

The app makes appointments super easy: With one-click, you can request appointments and prescription refills anytime, from anywhere.

Your pet must be an active Cabbagetown Pet Clinic client in our database. In order to use this app, pet parents must register with the email on file at our practice. If you’re a new client, call us and we can help guide you through the process.

Having trouble signing up? Give us a call to verify that the information you enter matches the information we have on file.

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